Gardens c/o Elliott case study

Skills: Client management, Visual design, Competitive analysis

Tools: Pen, Paper, Sketch, Facebook

Original page

Original page

The Challenge

A local business owner wanted an easy to maintain Facebook page to showcase his work and drum up new clients, but also maintain a personal feel.


Competitive analysis

I do not have my own Facebook page so to get started, I was given access to the client’s Facebook login. I needed to understand how someone sees a Facebook page, but also how a Facebook Business page operates. From there, I got familiar with the look and feel of both the business and personal usage of Facebook.

Once I understood how Facebook worked from both user perspectives, I did a competitive analysis of other Facebook Business pages to see how different companies, both local and national, use the business page template to promote their businesses. I wanted to see if there were any customizable elements that are commonly used by businesses like his, meaning that people will expect certain things.

I should probably add "coffee" to my list of Tools

I should probably add "coffee" to my list of Tools


Initial Designs


I suggested a reorganization to include fewer elements on the initial page to pull out the most relevant information and make it front and center.

  • Home
  • About
  • Photos
  • Reviews

From there, I created photo albums for each of the services he offers.

  • Clean-up
  • Landscaping
  • Patios/walkways
  • Power washing


I wanted to create something that the owner would be able to maintain on his own so I created a very simple Facebook banner using Canva. With this, he can change or customize a beautiful banner image without any special software. I used all of his own images (how could you go wrong!) and very simple filters and alignment that he could replicate.

GcoE Facebook banner.png



Using Sketch, I built out my initial ideas in a Facebook Business page template. This way my client would be able to immediately see and understand my ideas in context. Once he approved those images, I logged into his backend and applied the changes. I downloaded all of his albums, reorganized them and, with his approval, uploaded a curated selection of images for each of his services. This represented a major change to his page as before things were rather loosely organized or out of date, so it created a complete refresh of the page.

Gardens co Elliott.png

In addition to creating the albums so that he could easily add images on the fly from his phone, we agreed to a very simple structure that includes basic metadata so he didn’t feel overburdened when adding images. I wanted to be sure he could quickly and easily capture before/afters of his work without having to add content management to his workload!



While this may seem like a small project, it had a huge impact for the business owner. Changing the banner image alone to something more professional garnered immediate buzz and likes. He now has something that better showcases his work while still being easy to maintain. If you’re in Washington, DC and you need a landscape professional, be sure to visit Gardens c/o Elliott!

Current page.png
Emily Lawrence